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Evergreen Webinar App


It allows you to create evergreen webinars that use automation to free your time and, at the same time sell for you. It uses email to provide a feeling of LIVE CHAT that, in my opinion, will improve you number of sales you will make using this software.


The fact that only Letsmail can be directly integrated will put certain people off. However, a complete version of Letsmail is given as a bonus. This provides you with the opportunity to be the master of your email marketing domain.

So what is Webinaro in just a few words?

First off, welcome to my Webinaro Review!

Webinaro is a SAAS app that allows you to create evergreen automated webinars with a live chat feeling. It uses modern technology and the experience obtain by its developer Brett Rutecky to capitalize on webinar automation, one of the proven ways of making a killing in internet marketing.

The HUGE ADVANTAGE that Webinaro has..

..is that it solves a very common problem with automated webinars, namely, that people might have questions, but they don't get answered because it's a hand-off webinar.

This was solved by giving you the option to add an email to the webinar settings, where you'll receive the questions. Once you answer those questions using an included link, they will populate the live chat for whoever is watching the webinar at that moment. BRILLIANT!!!

For more specific details, watch the DEMO VIDEO below:

Training is Included

All of Brett Rutecky's products, including Webinaro have the required training to be able to implement the solution.

Are there any OTOs?

Yes, and in a very Brett Rutecky and Mike from Maine fashion, they decided to JUST do 1 OTO. That's it... if you get the OTO, you get EVERYTHING AVAILABLE!!!

Please keep in mind, however, that you don't have to get all of them, just the ones that make sense to your purposes. Also keep in mind that prices change during the launch. That's why it makes sense to make a decision fast, because normally prices increase the more a product is sold.

Let's take a look:

FE: $19 to $27 at 50% - Full featured auto-webinar cloud-based software with a done-for-you webinar included that made us $22,000. On the front end customers can run up to 5 webinars.

OTO1: $47/month or $197 one time - UNLIMITED webinars, UNLIMITED agency resell rights, FASTER CDN hosting, and REMOVE our Webinaro branding link. It also includes a software that lets them put the webinars on their own websites too.

And much more

Things you might not like

As I mentioned in the CONS section above, you can only integrate Webinaro directly with LETSMAIL, which is included as a very valuable bonus. This required some setup and, if you must use your other provider like Getresponse of Aweber, you would have to download your list and upload it to the other provider.

The advantage is, however, that having everything in Letsmail gives you COMPLETE CONTROL of your list. Check out my review of Letsmail and interview of Brett Rutecky to understand his motivation to do this. In my opinion, a compelling reason. 

The Bottom Line is...

that this is ONE TOOL that can be added to your arsenal of tools to generate lots of sales online. It solves the problem of giving the visitors the feeling that they're in a live webinar by brilliantly solving the live chat problem.

From this standpoint, it's a buy.

See you on the other side,

Hermann Bock

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