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Cyril Gupta - Teknikforce


Automated Webinar Software


Uses YOUTUBE LIVE technology to be able to host unlimited seats on the webinars. Also integration with Twilio for SMS communication.


In my opinion, there could be a bit more training offered.

So what is this WebinarLoop thing in a nutshell?

If you have been in the Internet Marketing business for any length of time, you've surely heard that to make a reasonable amount of money online, you MUST sell HIGH TICKET products, and that one of the best ways of doing that is through WEBINARS.

WebinarLoop, as the name implies, is a SAAS that allows you to AUTOMATE your webinars to make those High Ticket sales on autopilot. Check out the WebinarLoop review video above or keep reading to discover all the amazing things this package does.

The HUGE ADVANTAGE that WebinarLoop has..

is that it uses YOUTUBE LIVE technology, which gets rid of the seat limitations plagging programs like GotoWebinar or WebinarJam.

They have three types of webinars that should cover all your bases, namely, "LIVE", "SCHEDULED" and "ON-DEMAND". So basically it doesn't matter how you intend to market your webinar, you'll find an option. They have editable registration pages, and, through integration with most popular autoresponders, the ability to send automated emails that go out reminding the prospect of the webinar at specific timings, they collect those emails and send them to the most popular autoresponders, they have redirection after the webinar, they also have CTA (call to actions) with timers.

On top of that, you also have an integration with Twilio, which allows you to use Text Messages (SMS) to increase the show up rate of your webinars, maximizing your profits.

In a few words, they have everything you can think of to make live, or automated webinar a very good and profitable business.

You could use this to replace programs like GotoWebinar for a MUCH MUCH LOWER price. In fact, it's a ONE TIME payment option if you get it during the launch. Think about the amount of money that can be saved by not having to pay monthly.

Watch the DEMO video below to see more features:

Are there any OTOs?

Of course, but you don't have to get all of them, just the ones that make sense to your purposes. Let's take a look:

Front End Options - $37 - $67 - WebinarLoop Elite - This version allows you to have 15 configured webinars and 500 attendees.

OTO1 - WebinarLoop Pro - $97 - Allows you to setup 100 webinars and UNLIMITED attendees. This is the version that allows you to integrate with Twillio. Allows for 2 presenters at the same time and UNLIMITED chat moderators, which is more practical for engagement purposes. Also removes branding This is the recommendation from me.

OTO2 - WebinarLoop Agency - $127 - This upgrade allows you to RESELL Webinarloop and keep 100% of the profits.

OTO3 - WebinarLoop Template Pack - $27 - This upgrade provides you with 10 extra template for your webinar signup pages.

OTO4 - Ads2List Pro + Leads2List Pro - $67 - This upgrade allows you have people signup to the webinars DIRECTLY from Google or Facebook ads. From the ad, directly to your webinar. No landing Page. Sound interesting!

Things you might not like

In my short testing of the software, I couldn't find anything that I didn't like. The interface is good and can be modified, the software seems to be mature and, at least during my testing it was functioning good. You do have to keep in mind however, that there is no perfect software, but some of the bugs come out with more use.

The only thing that I think is lacking is training. There are only 3 videos so far, explaining how to setup the 3 different types of webinars offered. I certainly can see a couple of extra training videos that could be created.

On the other hand, Teknikforce is an established software company offering good support. Maybe when they get lots of people asking the same questions over and over, they'll add a couple of extra training videos.

The Bottom Line is...

If you're a friend of automation and you understand the importance of High Ticket sales and know that Webinars are the KEY to doing that online (the other option is to call people on the phone but that's not scalable), then you'll understand why this package is a godsend and why it makes sense to get it.

Hermann Bock

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