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There are certain tools that are of paramount importance to succeed in your Internet Marketing quest. ​To be successful, these tools must allow you to do the following three things:

1. Attract and keep the interest of your leads or prospects
2. Capture their information and...
3. Allow you to communicate with them whenever you have an offer that interests them

This is the reason why tools like Clickfunnels, Aweber, Mailchimp, ​Optinmonster and so on are considered ​"must haves" in the Internet Marketing world. ​Each one of them specializes in ​one of those three things.

Enter SMARKETO the ​multi ​app!

Smarketo is a tool that ​does those three things at once and much more and that is precisely what makes it special and worth checking out.

One of its most attractive features is the fact that you only pay once, instead of monthly like all the tools mentioned above. In fact, tools like Aweber or Mailchimp get more expensive as your marketing gets more successful and your number of leads increases.

This won't happen with Smarketo especially if you get it during the launch phase from this review page. So, let's take a look at what Smarketo offers you.

Inside Smarketo there are 3 other cloud programs that have already proven their effectivity as Internet Marketing tools specializing in one job. These tools are Profitmozo, Mailprimo and Profitfox. They have all been integrated ​under one umbrella, namely, Smarketo that unifies everything as one system.

So, let's review each one of them individually:

Profitmozo or "how to make pages attractive"

The first thing I mentioned above is the you need to attract the interest of the people that lands on your pages. You only achieve that by making your pages beautifully attractive. Profitmozo is the first tool under Smarketo that allows you to do precisely that.

One of the big advantages of Profitmozo is the huge amount of pre-made templates that are already available in the tool. You get templates for lead pages, promo pages, viral pages, webinar registratio pages, sales pages and much more. It's just a matter of picking one that you like and then just by pointing and clicking, you can modify it to your liking.

One thing that attracted my attention a lot is what we could call an undertool of Profitmozo called "Socialmozo".

Socialmozo​ can be key to your social media automation and success

This tool, which is part of ​the 2nd one time offer (OTO2), has got me excited about Smarketo. It allows you to program your social media marketing with weeks in advance, if that's what you want.


It gives you the ability to promote automatically in the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Blogger and Linkedin. Think about the amount of opportunities this could provide to a committed marketer. ​This feature by itself is, in my opinion, worth the whole ONE TIME PRICE of the product during launch!

​The second most important action to be successful in Internet Marketing is the ability to capture your visitor's information, especially their email address. Smarketo doesn't fall behind in offering a tool that does this very well.

​Profitfox is Smarketo's opt-in form wizard.

It shows all types of ways to capture your lead's emails and any other information you want. ​You do this by creating campaigns. These offer you a wide array of different templates for any situation that you can use to, not only capture the basic information of your leads like email, but also apply tags and segmentation. Once created, these opt-in forms can be shown all over your site or just in specific pages based on keywords. I mean, the flexibility allowed is only limited by your imagination.

​After having created your forms, and connected them with your autoresponder, you should be ready to start crushing it with your marketing... this brings us to the third characteristic necessary for being a successful online marketer... autoresponders and emailing.

Mailprimo, the last prong of this triad! 

Mailprimo is a full fledged autoresponder program. Anything you can do with Aweber or Getresponse, you can do with Mailprimo and, the best part, you only have to pay once for it and that's it. It doesn't matter how big your list gets, there is no monthly cost.

But hold on... that's only if you use THEIR SMTP SERVER. That means that if you connect to the likes of Sendgrid, ElasticMail or Amazon SES, for instance, you'll have to pay their fees. However, their fees tend to be much smaller than those of Mailchimp, Getresponse or Aweber. I guess in the end it's a matter of choice.

​Please keep in mind that the autoresponder option of Mailprimo, in other words, the automation feature that sends emails by itself, is only available if you ​grab OTO 2. What does this mean?

On the basic version, you'll have the ability to add people to your list and send them emails whenever you want, but you have to do it manually. No automation.

SMTP servers

​So, there you have it, Smarketo can definitely ​not only be an extra weapon in your arsenal, it ​could become the complete arsenal. With it, you should be able to go ahead and create what's necessary for your online marketing.

My problem with Smarketo

​As I mention in the video, Smarketo is a unification of three already existent programs, namely Profitmozo, Profitfox and Mailprimo. Each of them has individually a plethora of training in Video and PDF formats, which is really good.

However, ​the first time you logon to the dashboard of Smarketo, ​it is hard to tell ​where you should start, because one gets the impression that you could start anywhere. Its' only after you start clicking around, that you discover that they are actually three different programs (four, if you count Socialmozo as a separate tool) and that you need to do certain things first in order to be able to do other things ​later. This makes it a bit complicated to understand how they ​flow and fit together.

​That's why a START HERE U​SER GUIDE, that explains the bird's eye overview of the program would have been a godsend, but it's not there. And that will make it difficult for newbies to find their way around the ​system.

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Which OTOs are included?

Note: My comments here are designed to give you ​highlights of what you get ​with each OTO. It's not a comprehensive list of absolutely all the things available on each one. I do ​make a recommendation of which OTO I would pick based on what's offered.

  • The ​Front End (FE) - ($47-$67)​ gives you ​access to Profitfox and Profitmozo, which are the pages and optin form designers, including lots of templates. It also gives you access to Mailprimo without the automation. No limits on the amount of leads you can ​capture or send emails to.​​​
  • ​One Time Offer 1 (OTO1) - ($47-$67)​ increases the amount of templates you get as well as the amount of domains and subdomains you can use with the system. You also get a commercial license with the software.​​​
  • ​OTO2 - ($47-$67)is the OTO I would get if I only had money for 1 OTO. Why? This is the one that gives you the automation of Mailprimo, which allows to create unlimited autoresponders. It also gives you the automation of Socialmozo that allows you to schedule your social postings in several social networks. ​It also provides team management and bounce management for your lists, which is highly important to keep your lists clean and responsive.​​​
  • ​OTO3 - ($197 - $297​) is the Agency license to Smarketo, allowing you to resell the whole system as if it were yours.​​​
  • ​OTO4- ($497 - $997) is a Premium Membership which basically gives you unlimited everything. Not only for your own account, but for those of your customers. This includes also the ability to import unlimited leads into your autoresponder.​​​

My Verdict

​Smarketo is from the technological standpoint, an ama​zing program. It can do a lot for whoever gets to master it and, for a one time price, it's a very good option. However, if you don't know much about online marketing and how the different parts that I mentioned at the top flow and fit together, you'll be kind of lost at the beginning.

Given that it's not a monthly payment, you can certainly go ahead and get it and commit some time to understand how everything fits and works together. From the point of view of it's price, just the Socialmozo tool ​provides enough value and capabilities to justify the one time payment. So taking into account everything that is offered, makes this a very good deal.

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