Review, is it worth a buy? 

​Using rebrandable PDFs has been a viral marketing tactic that has been used on the internet since almost the beginning. However, most of the software out there is really old, was created for older versions of Windows and, most likely, doesn't work anymore.

Enter Rebrandio, a newly created software that allows you to do just that. Create PDFs that are totally rebrandable and that can be used to increase your virtual marketing footprint all over the internet. The bigger your footprint, the bigger your chances of having a higher ROI for your marketing efforts.

The advantage of going viral is that it's a snowball effect and, sometimes without you having to do anything in particular, it can pick up speed providing you with a very welcome financial benefit.

Rebrandio allows you to create many rebrandable PDFs that you can distribute all over the internet in a very straightforward and easy way.

In essence, Rebrandio offers you not only two versions of the software (a cloud version and a wordpress plugin), but also provides "Done For You" PDF's that are branded ​with your JVZoo affiliate link. If that's not enough, it also gives you the source ​in the form of Word documents that you could modify and then offer to others as rebrandable PDFs.

In my opinion, Rebrandio is giving you the TECHNOLOGY, ​TRAINING AND IDEAS as well as QUALITY CONTENT that you can use for ​the creation of your own high quality rebrandable PDFs.

My only gripe

is the fact that the User Guide makes a reference to a second plugin called "Current User Plugin" that is nowhere to be found on the member's area at this moment. This plugin helps with the automation of the creation of query strings. With this method, you could create buttons that don't require the user (if he is in your email list) to enter his information manually. The plugin would pull that information and add it automatically.

The developer has been notified about this apparent oversight and as soon as I have an answer, I'll post an update.

My Verdict

The software provides what it offered on the sales page. You can create as many rebrandable PDFs as you want and on top of that you have very good training and quality content you can right off the bat use for your firsts rebrandable PDFs.

Rebrandio is a buy!

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