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Love the fact that EVERYTHING required to make YouTube videos rank, is together under ONE ROOF. It's also very simple to use, basically no learning curve necessary.


Even though there is help for each section in the form of TEXT, there are no training videos to explain the different tools.

What is RankZPresso in a nutshell?

To be quite honest, I'm impressed with what Mosh Basi has created here. No, it's not about having a completely new, never seen product that didn't exist before. I've seen many Youtube rankers here and there. It's more about the combination of ALL TOOLS under ONE ROOF that I'm thrilled.

RankZPresso has all the tools necessary to 1) research and prepare your video for ranking and 2) everything necessary to check how your videos are doing in the ranking lists from Youtube.

There are some very IMPRESSIVE tools under the hood of RankZPresse, namely, the BACKLINK creator. This tools goes out into the internet and creates backlinks to your videos. I love that.

The BIG DIFFERENCE that "RankZPresso" brings to the Youtube ranking world..

...is the fact that all the tools are under one roof.

You don't have to go to one place to do tag suggestions and generations and to a completely different one to see which Youtube videos are ranking. And even to a third or fourth one to figure out how the hell you're going to get backlinks to those videos. In fact, this is another one of the UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS of RankZPresso that I want to highlight on this review:

"The system creates ALL THE BACKLINKS on autopilot"

This is a HUGE time saver, especially if you have more than a handful of videos out there that you want to rank on Youtube. Watch my RankZPresso Review so you have an idea of how important and practical and easy to use this tool is.

In fact, tools like the Title Generator as well as the Description Generator and the Keyword Generator are all there, just a click away and ready to spit back at you a plethora of keywords that you can use easily for your videos.

I loved also the ability to do Thumbnail Spying easily. Just enter a keyword and a country and BAMM!! You have an immediate visual idea of the type of thumbnails that are ranking for that particular niche.

Did you know that if you do 'dog training' videos, you have to use a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT type of thumbnail than if you do videos about 'cartoons'? This tools helps you determine that in a couple of seconds. Watch the video above to see me doing it in a couple of seconds.

I also love the ability to EXPORT all the keywords and reports that you generate very easily. So you can use this information easily with other tools if you need to.

I guess you can tell from what I'm writing, that I find the tool super practical. Of course, if you don't do Youtube videos, this doesn't help you at all. It would be like buying a fridge when you live in the north pole.

Anyway, check the demo video below and see even better how it works:

Are there any Upsells?

Yes, there are some very well thought out ones.

I like, for instance, that you can cet a Whitelabel versions of it, because I think some entrepreneurs could do a killing offering this service.

Click on the image to see it full size!

Things you might not like

In my opinion, the help section could do with some help. Most of the help is in the form of text files. Although the system is super-easy to understand and there are not many options to deal with, it would have been nice to have a couple of video tutorials to show, at least ones, what to expect from every tool.

But, given that the program is not complicated and that each tool only does ONE THING. I don't expect users feeling themselves completely lost.

The Bottom Line is...

If doing YOUTUBE VIDEOS is part of your marketing strategy, and it should be, you should definitely get this.

It does much more than just show you where you're in your ranking efforts. It takes you by the hand and shows helps you with research for all the important aspects required to have an SEO optimized video in Youtube that ranks good.

It encompasses everything needed to start ranking your videos on Youtube much better. In my opinion, RankZPresso is a keeper. It's a tools you'll be using constantly and given that Youtube itself is evergreen, this tool will be accompanying you for years to come.

It definitely has my full recommendation.

Hermann Bock

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