Prosperity Marketing System Review and Demo 

Prosperity Marketing System Review and Demo



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Darren Olander


List Building Framework


Includes EVERYTHING you need to start building your email list using the power of leverage. Training, bonuses, authority, testimonials... everything is included.  Up to 15 different income streams. The price is a joke!


The website looks a little bit dated, but it's nevertheless quite effective.

My Honest Review of Prosperity Marketing System

So what is the Prosperity Marketing System all about?

If you have ever thought of getting into internet marketing, you must have already realized that the most important aspect of building your business is LEAD GENERATION. However, a big percentage of aspiring internet marketers don't realize this until later in their internet marketing career.

Darren Olander's Prosperity Marketing System has been designed from the ground up, to help you with LEAD GENERATION and LIST BUILDING by using the power of leverage.

In other words, you get to do your standard list generation, using their methods or whatever other methods you decide, but by sending your leads first to the Prosperity Marketing System, you not only will be doing lead generation, but you will be building a TEAM of people that will see you as the team leader or authority figure in their quest to make money online.

Stop for a second and think how important this could be for your business and the huge benefits it can bring in whatever other endeavors you start online.

It actually could be massive, let me explain what I mean.

The HUGE ADVANTAGE that "Prosperity Marketing System" offers...

is that it uses leverage all the way through.

First, by becoming a STUDENT of the Prosperity Marketing System, you receive a TON OF TRAINING. I mean, it starts from the super basics, like how to Copy, Cut and Paste. Yes! That basic.

Then it goes on to show you everything about internet marketing that you need to know, so that you can start promoting the system and earning an income, including how to generate traffic to your site.

Just by becoming a student, you are also allowed to market the system to other people and get commissions whenever people sign up using your link. One of the things that are different here, is that you get taught a system to do that, which is normally not seen as popular and effective. However, for the ones that use it, it actually is massively effective.

On top of that, you can earn extra commissions (and this is one of the leverages I was talking about) by joining the 'parallel businesses' attached to the Prosperity Marketing System. In other words, given that everybody that uses the internet for business needs an autoresponder, the Prosperity Marketing System allows you to profit from that. 

Similarly, an internet marketer needs a tracking system to be effective, the Prosperity Marketing System also gives you a way to profit from that and so on and on and on, including list builders, advertising coops, traffic exchanges and much more.

And, if you become an OWNER of the Prosperity Marketing System, you can also change which businesses get promoted, instead of having to join the parallel businesses of your sponsor. (Watch my review video above to hear my very detailed explanation). In fact, you can promote up to 16 different income streams with this system.

Another huge advantage is that you can become a FREE TOUR TAKER for 7 days and take a look at the whole system and, in fact, you could start promoting the system and earning commissions even before you yourself get to pay anything. 

What do you get with the Prosperity Marketing System?

Given that it is a FRAMEWORK for your affiliate marketing, it highly depends on who your sponsor is.

In other words, if your sponsor is an owner and publishes trainings, you get all that training on top of the training that is already part of the system per se. The amazing thing is that you DON'T HAVE to publish training and bonuses yourself (although it is always a good idea to do so.), because you can let your downline see the training already published by your sponsor. Allowing you to leverage his or her efforts for your own benefit.

By becoming an owner, you also have the ability to add or modify what the Primary Business is, as well as editing any of the training pages within the whole system, and you can create your OWN training pages that will show to your whole downline to unlimited levels.

Do you see how this can increase your perceived authority?

Almost forgot, you can always send emails to your whole downline, which means, you can send emails to the people you bring into the system, and the people they bring into the system, and the people they themselves bring into the system and so on and on.

In other words, list building on steroids!

Things you might not like from Prosperity Marketing System

As we all know, no system is 100% perfect and the Prosperity Marketing System is definitely not perfect.

In my personal opinion, I think the pages do look a little bit dated. Of course, that is a subjective thing that is fully attached to my personal preferences and perceptions, but I'm mentioning it, because it's something that I notice every time I login to the system. However, esthetics are irrelevant if the system is effective and brings you a passive income.

The only other thing you might not like, is the fact that it might take a while to get to the point where you're generating a good income from it, since it only costs $12 a month.

So, even though you get 100% (minus admin fees) from every person you sign up, it might take a while to get a big income from it. However, remember there are 15 other possible sources of income with this. And it would be a monthly income.

Given that it's such a small investment, people remain in the system for longer periods of time, making your income much more stable than in other systems.

The Bottom Line is...

That if you have been looking for ways to supplement your income in these corona times, the Prosperity Marketing Systems is one of the best and cheapest ways to do it. You don't need to have your own product, with everything that it entails, like market research, graphic design, web design and a million of other things that take lots of time and money. And it only costs $12 a month.

And with the other 15 possible sources of income within this framework, you can relatively fast multiply your income massively. Of course, it all depends on the effort you're willing to put in to make the system work for you.

Watch my review at the top, as well as the compensation plan video, and if you're willing to put in the work to be successful, use the links on this page to get it and also the AMAZING BONUSES that I've thoughtfully prepared, as well, as my sponsor's bonuses below.

See you on the other side,

Hermann Bock

Prosperity Marketing System
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