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This is an encyclopedia of Affiliate Marketing that you can use again and again as a reference whenever you want to learn more about how to do this type of marketing successfully


It's mostly ebooks and PDFs with lots of screenshots. If you don't like to read, this is not for you.

So what is this Next Generation Affiliate v4 in a nutshell?

First off, welcome to my Next Generation Affiliate v4 Review!

Next Generation Affiliate is a treasure trove of affiliate marketing information. It takes you from 0 to making $1000 a DAY with all the required details laid off in an easy to follow way. The core module (check the video) includes EVERYTHING you need to think of to start a business online. Including details that can only be found on high ticket courses.

The HUGE ADVANTAGE that Viddle has.. the amount of information that's available for you to learn from. The fact that most of the information is in PDF format, allows you to learn from it at your own pace and, if necessary, go back easily (no need to REWIND) to spots that you need to understand better. In fact, by downloading everything, you can use it as a reference, like Wikipedia, whenever you want to clarify or understand better any aspect of affiliate marketing.

Another very important aspect is the emphasis on the MENTAL ASPECT of affiliate marketing and working from home. Most people do not stop to realize the level of organization required to be successful when working from home, as you and only you are the driver of your success. You've got no boss pushing you, it's only your own desire and determination. But how to keep that burning? The sections about Philosophy and Productivity and Mindset are a godsend.

So what's covered?

Take a look at the images below. That only gives you the OVERVIEW of what's offered. In fact, many modules have several lessons inside, which, as a already mentioned, makes this the Wikipedia of affiliate marketing.

Are there any OTOs?

Of course, but you don't have to get all of them, just the ones that make sense to your purposes. Also keep in mind that prices change during the launch. That's why it makes sense to make a decision fast, because normally prices increase the more a product is sold.

Let's take a look:

Frontend: $17-27 Dimesale

Upsell #1: EasyPro Funnels SaaS $27

OTO #2: Easy Pro Funnels Continuous Growth Monthly Packs - $27 RECURRING

OTO #3: Easy Pro Reviews & Webinars Double Offer - $47

OTO #4: Reviews & Webinars 140 Bumper Pack - $97

Things you might not like

If you hate reading and can't appreciate that humanity has been accumulating a HUGE AMOUNT of knowledge in written form for the last 5,000 years, this is not for you.

The majority of the amazing information is in written form. There are many videos included, but they're included when they're absolutely necessary.

Beyond that, the information and the value of the course is amazing.

The Bottom Line is...

In my opinion, this is an amazing value for the price. In fact it's a mega deal, taking into account the amount of information provided. Just the Youtube Decoded bonus (yes, it's a bonus) is worth the whole value of the course. Well, only if you apply what you learn.

So, if you're willing to learn and then put into practice what you learn, this is definitely a buy.

See you on the other side,

Hermann Bock

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