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​​​Creates lightning fast mobile optimized websites. Uses Widgets very smartly


​​Not too many templates to choose from. No in-line editing available. Closed source

​​MobiFirst in a nutshell

​​Mobifirst is a SAAS that allows you to develop Mobile Optimized websites. The main point of their philosophy is that in the 21st century, we need to start the design and development of a website thinking FIRST of the mobile side of it and then, afterwards, worrying about how the desktop side of the website is going to look.

By doing this, we end up having lightning fast loading websites and we follow Google's advice to FIRST concentrate on mobile, given that over 60% of all internet user today, load mobile first.

You've seen that this is true. If you doubt it, just look around as soon as you step outside of your home, everybody is glued to their cell phones doing all kinds of things, including BUYING. This is the main reason you should optimize for mobile first and MOBIFIRST helps you achieve exactly that.

Check out the Mobifirst review in the video above to have a better grasp of what it does.

There are 2 versions of the Front End software

First there is a ​Personal​ version that offers limited amount of templates​​​ (30) and it only allows you to use on YOUR personal pages and then there is the ​Commercial​ version that offers over 70 templates plus the ability to commercialize the sites you create for others. The difference in price is $10. It's my opinion that it makes no sense to go with the personal version. Even if you don't plan to commercialize your sites.​​​

​Are there any OTOs?

​In this case there are some and they are good. Let's list them:

​- OTO1 $67 one time or $12/month for 12 months - Template Club which gives you the option of getting 130 (10 first and 10 monthly for 12 months).

​- OTO2 $47 one time ​- Local Marketing Add-on pack - In my opinion, this is the OTO to get if you do Local Marketing. It offers 2 pre-built packs that include a couple of amazing widgets that blew my mind off. The first is a ​Scratch Card​ widget that works just like a scratch card in the real world and allows for the gamification of your site and the second is a ​Loyalty Club & Special Deals​ widget that allows you to add point or stamps every time a customer visits your brick and mortar location and buys. You know, the proven "buy ten times and get 1 free" tactic. As I said, this is the one to go if you do local.

​- OTO3 $67 One Time​ - Advanced University Training - This is going to be LIVE training provided by Silvio Porcellana, the developer of MOBIFIRST. A total of 6 hours of training in 3 sessions.

​- OTO4 $30 &$80 - ​Mobifirst SSL Certificates - They will install SSL certificates on your site.​​​​​​ ​​​​​

​Things I don't like

​​As I mentioned in the video, what you saw was my first logging in into the software, so I don't mention these in the video. 

One thing I don't like, especially after using Thrive Architect to create my sites, is that you cannot edit inline. As you see me changing the headline, I have to find a field, change the text within that field, hit enter and then you see the change reflected in the live view.

Obviously I'm nitpicking, as it worked perfectly. However, being used to just click inside the live view and type, it does make a difference because you have to look for the specific field that corresponds to the live view.

The second thing I personally don't like, is the fact that it is closed source. Don't get me wrong, I have lots of 'closed source' programs. What I don't like is that ​it's mentioned as the reason why the sites are 'unhackable'. Really? I don't think closed source software has stopped anybody from hacking anything. Take a look at Windows for that matter. In fact, in the history of software, open source has a much better record of closing and patching security problems much faster, because they have many more eyes looking at it. As I said, this is more a personal reason, given that I come from the IT world.

The Bottom Line is...

​...that we all MUST make sure that our websites are Mobile Optimized FIRST. Therefore Mobifirst is a perfect solution for those that don't have a solution yet, or that have one that is too expensive.

On top of that, we all have to worry about the speed of our sites and MOBIFIRST sites have been optimized to be REALLY FAST.

And the WIDGET functionality allows the system to create some very nifty and attractive features that don't require any coding, like the loyalty club widget and the scratch pad widget.

So, it is definitely a buy if you design websites for you or for others.

Hermann Bock

​​Get ​​MOBIFIRST ​and ​​make your sites Mobile Optimized and fast FIRST!

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