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​​​The Dashboard can be a bit confusing at the beginning

​​​K​aptiwa in a nutshell

​Kaptiwa is a SAAS that allows you to ​upload your videos to an alternative service than YouTube. Something similar to Wistia. ​So, let's take a look at this service and use this review to find out whether it's worth it spending money on this package.

The main advantage that I can tell you about with Kaptiwa, is the ability to capture your traffic and not let it leak to other websites like what happens with Youtube and its related videos. This will not happen in Kaptiwa, which makes honor to its name by '​kapti​wating' your audience for you and your goals.

Kaptiwa's big advantages in comparison with others

​In comparison with Wistia, which is a similar video service, there are a couple of very important advantages to Kaptiwa. One of them is the speed and the second is the price. Especially during this launch phase, the one time price beats anything that Wistia has to offer.

Now, in comparison with YouTube, the ubiquitous video service, you can think in terms of "you get what you pay for". YouTube, because it's free, tries to keep whatever traffic in YouTube. That is why they show "related videos" that siphon your traffic back to their site. Even if you have embedded the video on your site. It also tends to show lots of ads. Kaptiva, on the other hand, keeps your traffic on your site or lets you direct it wherever YOU want.

Another huge advantage is the ability to natively add "Calls to Action" and "Opt-in Forms" within the video, which goes with the video wherever you embed it. Forget about doing something like that with YouTube!

There are ​3 versions of the Front End ​package

First there is a ​Standard​ monthly version. A ​Commercial​ version is also available, as well as a ​Best Seller​ version. The big difference is the price and, from the three options, the Best Seller is the best deal because it offers a 1 time payment for 2 years of service.​​​​​​

​Are there any OTOs?

​​Oh yes, there are several options and they vary according to which front end version you choose. But their main characteristics are as follows:

​OTO1 - Kaptiwa Pro or Pro Commercial ($47/$67)​ - It allows the flexibility of modifying your player as seen on my video above. You can pick from different frames and you can brand the logo.  If you care for bringing your brand to the world, this is the OTO for you.

​OTO2 - Kaptiwa Enterprise or Enterprise Commercial ($77/$97) ​- ​​​​​​This OTO unlocks the great analytics options of Kaptiwa, as well as the advertisement and segmentation options.

​OTO3 - Kaptiwa Agency 100 or 300 ($297/$497) ​- Offers you the Agency option for either 100 or 300 customers

​OTO4 - Kaptiwa Premium Membership ​- It allows you to benefit from extra options like Pixabay integration, a cloud storage called MyDrive, extra templates for the CTAs and optin forms and much more.​​​​​​

​Things​ you might not like

​​​One thing that I found a bit confusing, and you might as well, is understanding the relationship or hierarchy between Projects and Campaigns. The first thought is that you have Projects at the top of the hierarchy, but when you click on it, you do not get the Campaigns within it. However, when you want to add a Campaign, you need to select or create a Project.

Either way, Videos belong within Campaigns and to access them, you should use the Campaign tab and not the Projects tab.  

The Bottom Line is...

​After playing with the program for this Kaptiwa review, I must say that it is a great video hosting tool and, from what it looks, they plan to be in business for the long run. The site looks and feels professional, except for a couple of quirks here and there.

The videos are fast and the multiple options to present them are great. And with the advertisement options, including optin and CTAs, it can certainly fulfill the promises that YouTube is starting to forget. The fact that it is much cheaper and, at the same time, much faster than Wistia, is a huge plus. From where I am ​sitting​ a definite buy.​​​

Hermann Bock

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