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​As somebody who comes from the Open Source scene, I understand the importance of tools that do not try to do everything and then some in a huge monolith of code that is not easy to maintain and is full of software bugs.

The best tools are those that have a specific FOCUS and do just 1 or, mostly, 2 things but do them right. And that's what I've discovered in...

ITaggz - A hashtag manager for Instagram


In this ITaggz review, I'll concentrate on the fact that this tool focuses on one thing, namely, letting you know which are the ​best hashtags​ that you should use for your Instagram marketing strategy ​​​or that of your customers.

And that's it! That is, in a nutshell what ITaggz does.

Like I said at the beginning, tools that have laser focus, tend to have better quality because they don't get distracted from their main purpose, and that's what one can notice with ITaggz. No fluff, just stuff that does what it says it will do.

A Huge Timesaver

Let me ask you a question: How important is your time for you?

I ask that question because that's how you need to approach the decision to get your copy of ITaggz. Ask yourself, do I want to keep agonizing about which hashtags should be added to my latest Instagram post, or just be done in a couple of minutes or so?

With ITaggz, as I ​discovered myself, you just search for a "Business" (which is how they call an Instagram Account), identify their most successful posts and copy their hashtags or, you search for a particular hashtag that relates to your niche, identifty the most successful ones and copy the hashtags. Easy and simple but a HUGE TIMESAVER!


Once Itaggz has found the right hashtags for you, it's very easy to setup ​one or several scheduled emails that can be sent to you, your assistant or your customers. Once a day, that email will be sent with the relevant information, be it in email format or as an excel file. No complications whatsoever!

Are there OTOs?


FE : ITaggz ($34) or Itaggz + IAutomate  ($49) ​- I would definitely take the IAutomate together with the ITaggz software, because that's the part that includes the scheduling of the emails.

OTO 1: ITaggz Agency ($197) - Includes full ‘Done For You’ Videos that you can use to get clients in multiple niches, like Coaching, Hotels, Coffee shops, Realtor, Dentists, etc. It also include done for you landing pages, emails templates, case studies + training. Get this if you're actually thinking of doing a business with this. (Read the DOWNSELL)

DOWNSELL: Itaggz Agency Lite Version (2 X $97) ​- This is the same as the previous one, but I would get this, provided the price remains. I mean, 2 x 97 = 194 and that's less than 197 and you have 2 payments. A no-brainer.

OTO 2: Free 30 day trial to "agency done for you of the month: $29/month - This is a new done for you video, email template, landing pages every month.

OTO 3:  Itaggz Post Creator ($39) - Create Instagram posts and add on header and footer + animations . Perfect add on.

There is Always Room for Improvement

So, is ITaggz perfect? The short answer is no. But I don't think any software is. So, what can be improved? Let's take a short look at two things that, in my personal, opinion could be included. In the video I go on a bit more about it.

1. On the results page, hashtags that were added to the first comment, instead of ​directly in the caption, are not shown, and...
2. If you want to investigate these type of posts a bit better, there is almost no way of doing that. I mean, there is no way that I could find of selecting a post or clicking on it to see it directly in Instagram.

The only way I was able to identify one of these accounts was through their own "follow me" request written in the caption.

Start Managing Your Hashtags Efficiently!

My Verdict

​In this ITaggz review, I've tried to concentrate on two main things. First, does the software delivers what it promises? The answer to that one is that it does. You can get lots of effective hashtags that have been proven to work for bigger accounts. You can just copy them and, with the use of automation, you can distribute them however you see fit. This ​is a big plus to help you define your Instagram marketing strategy.

The second thing I concentrated on was simplicity. Is the software complicated, nope. Once set up, you just search, sort and organize your hashtags with a couple of clicks. Very simple, very efficient.

This, in addition of all the training, blueprints and checklists added will help you become successful and​ using it ​you ​will save lots of time, if you do anything on Instagram. So, get it before it's too late and the launch is over

Hermann Bock

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