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​​​​​Spencer Broom


​Affiliate Training


​​​​​Very specific and practical training advise that works!


​​​​You have to consistently apply the training to be successful. Includes a monthly fee to be able to apply it.

​​​​Instant Affiliate Machine in a nutshell

​Instant Affiliate Machine is a very specific and to the point training that allows you, once applied, to become an Affiliate for very profitable products in Clickbank.

​Not only that, Spencer has found a way to easily and surely solve the biggest problem that everybody has in this business. TRAFFIC! With this system, you are provided with a source of traffic that increases every single day, no matter what you do.

The key is to FOLLOW THE TRAINING and be consistent. Which means that EVERY DAY you must do the profit generating activities required.

​The BIG ADVANTAGE of the Instant Affiliate Machine

​There are many different ways of training that I have seen out there. They use all different kinds of traffic sources, like Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising.

The problem with them is that they can be relatively unpredictable. For instance, Google has the tendency to explode your DAILY budget, basically making it a WEEKLY or even MONTHLY budget. I guess they should stop calling it "DAILY BUDGET".

Instant Affiliate Machine uses PAID TRAFFIC, but it's traffic that has a monthly fee and grows constantly. So, even though you won't have lots at the beginning, you WILL later on, because it grows daily.

​​The​re are ​two OTOs available

​​Oh yes, there are several options and they vary according to which front end version you choose. But their main characteristics are as follows:

​OTO1 - ​ULTIMATE TRAFFIC MONSTER - ​This OTO is more enhanced training about using a plethora of traffic methods available on the internet. I you are committed, I would recommend it.​​​

​OTO2 - ​​RESELL RIGHTS TO THE INSTANT AFFILIATE MACHINE​ - No need to explain this, you just get resell rights to this program at 50% commissions.

​OTO3 - DIGITAL HERO ACADEMY - ​This is a traffic academy that will provide ongoing traffic training.​​​​​​​​​

​Things​ you might not like

​​​​As a user you might not like that to apply the training, you must have a monthly budget AND you have to apply yourself day in and day out to make this work. Definitely not a push button solution. You must put in the work.

If you're serious about an ONLINE ​BUSINESS​ then this should be ok for you, shouldn't it?​​​

The Bottom Line is...

​​After following the training and doing the daily activities, I can say that this is a good possibility to start from scratch and build up slowly to better ROI. This won't blow up your sales in a couple of hours of days, but it will provide a solid fundament to your business.

And taking into account that it will only take a few minutes of your time everyday, it's a good tool to add to your online marketing arsenal. From where I'm ​sitting​, worth a try.​​​

Hermann Bock


​By getting INSTANT AFFILIATE over my link above, you'll get access to these relevant bonuses. But they go away when the countdown timer hits zero:


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