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Monetizing your Facebook profile


I love these guys. They make the training funny and to the point. Not much fluff but specific strategies that you can start applying today, LITERALLY!


Both have English as a second language (like I do), which could make it hard for some people to understand. But hey, one sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger! ?

What is High Ticket Hero?

High Ticket Hero is a training on how to use your Facebook Profile for business purposes.

It explains, step by step, how to transform the different aspects of your Facebook profile into something more oriented to doing business online. From the appereance, to the kind of content that you post, it has the goal of increasing the perception of you as a provider of so much value, that people should start coming to you whenever they want to start generating an income with the facebook profiles.

There are many Facebook Profile courses out there, what makes this one different?

Number one, the style they use will certainly attract the young generation of entrepreneurs that are hungry to obtain results fast, using their Facebook profiles.

They use the language that young people use and, to a certain degree, make references to collective knowledge that is more known to the millennials and younger generation. 

This in and by itself shows, that you can start with your business and entrepreneurship goals early in life and, that way, build a good foundation that will allow you later in life to branch out to different profitable opportunities.

Another aspect is that you can finish the course in one afternoon. And then, with the 21 day challenge that they have, you can, almost immediately, start taking massive action to obtain results.

Are there any Upsells?

Yes, there are a couple of them.

OTO1 - $27 will provide more training and access to a technique that provides LIMITLESS TRAFFIC without having to pay for it.

OTO2 - $97 will provide 30 DONE FOR YOU PREMIUM CAMPAIGNS. These are campaigns that Dan Khan used himself to increase his income to up to $1200 a day.

OTO3 - $247 will give you access to a PROVEN SUPER FUNNEL that pays $388.97 per sale, that you will be able to use for your own business.

OTO4 - $197 will provide personal access to Dan Khan, so that he can mentor you on a one on one basis to help you achieve success with this method.

Things you might not like

In my opinion, the only problem some people might find is that because both, Dan and Philip have English as a second language, they might assume that the information they provide will be hard to understand. Let me assure you that you will understand EVERYTHING. 

Yes, they both have an accent, Philip even sounds like Arnold, which matches the superhero narrative perfectly, and proves that you can achieve anything, even with an accent. Kudos guys for not letting something like that be an obstacle in your success!

If you take yourself too seriously, you might object to the fun way they intertwined the superhero theme throughout the whole campaign. In fact, in my opinion, it's one of their fortes.

The Bottom Line is...

If doing FACEBOOK PROFILE MARKETING is part of your strategy, and it should be if you're in Facebook, you should definitely get this.

It definitely has my full recommendation.

Hermann Bock

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