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Nick James


Training on how to profit from PLR effectively


Nick bases his training on his OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. That gives his advice huge value. He's not talking theory of what COULD work, he's teaching you what ACTUALLY works.


The only downside I see is that certain people will not really appreciate this information. If somebody only reads or watches the training and do not apply. It's not going to work. As simple as that.

So what is Hidden PLR in just a few words?

First off, welcome to my Hidden PLR Review!

Hidden PLR is training based on Nick James' experience turning PLR into a multi-million dollar business. Most people see PLR as a waste of time, but the truth is that, using it appropriately, it can be a gold mine.

That is PRECISELY what Nick teaches in this training. He doesn't leave any rock unturned and exposes the flaws and the problems that most people have with PLR and WHY that is so.

Then he goes, point by point, through all the different aspects of why and, more importantly, HOW, you can really profit from selling PLR the right way.

The HUGE ADVANTAGE that Hidden PLR has..

..is that it's based on the REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE of Nick James turning a small PLR package into a multi-million dollar business. He did it back when he started and he keeps doing it today.

Are there any OTOs?

Yes! If you're planning of taking your PLR strategy to the next level, you can use these OTOs perfectly. Here they are:

OTO 1 - Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR $1 Trial, then $29.99/Month - This is an amazing newsletter, beautifully packaged, that you can offer your customers as is or, given that it's PLR, that you can repackage using the strategies in the FE.

OTO 2 - Back Issues of the Internet Marketing Newsletter - $97 or 2 x $57 - I think this one is self explanatory. Instead of waiting for a new issue to come out, you have a treasure trove of valuable Internet Marketing information that you can use.

OTO 3 - Product Licensing Formula Home Study Course - $68.95 - This is a complete physical training that explains everything about product licensing for profit.

OTO4 - Private Inner Circle 2 Month Trial Access - $400 

Things you might not like

As I mentioned in the CONS section above, this is almost 2 hours of value packed training. However, like ANY training, it is only of value when it gets implemented in real life. You can read, you can dream, you can plan and you can complain, but if you do not implement, it's all for nothing.

So, if you're just a collector of PLR products and bonuses, but NEVER do anything with them besides let them collect digital dust on your hard drive, the training in this product won't help you achieve anything.

In other words, to obtain results, you've gotta work!

The Bottom Line is...

that this is ONE TRAINING PACKAGE that can certainly provide you with KEY KNOWLEDGE to turn your online publishing business completely around by putting at your disposal a NEVER ENDING supply of valuable content that you can monetize in a miriad of ways.

If you're willing to implement the instructions and strategies presented in this product, this is DEFINITELY a buy.

See you on the other side,

Hermann Bock

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