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​User F​riendliness



Usable Features


​​​​​​​​​George Wickens


​Affiliate Marketing Funnel


​Ready-Made Funnel that sells Clickfunnels and several trainings and tools that can generate massive and generous commissions


​Requires setup. ​(There is an optional DFY setup option ​available)

​So what is this ​​​"Get Paid With George" (GPWG) Super Funnel ​​anyway​?

​​​This is simply a funnel (a collection of very specific pages) that takes the visitor that enters it, through a series of profitable opportunities. These opportunities go from the basics, all the way to super advanced. 

​The funnel is hosted in Clickfunnels and is completely free. You just copy it from its creator George Wickens. Once your account is set, you just need to import it, configure it and start sending traffic to it.​​

​The ​BIG DIFFERENCE that ​​"Get Paid With George" Super Funnel has..

​​This funnel has been created with the intention to help newbies make some money, even if they don't have full knowledge of everything that's required.

At the same time, training is provided so that you stop being a newbie relatively fast. The idea behind it being, that you don't want to be held by the hand constantly. At some point, sooner rather than later, you want to be capable of creating this type of funnel yourself.

Another big important factor has to do with the inclusion of Clickfunnels in the whole ecosystem. Or, better said, the fact that the funnel is hosted in Clickfunnels. 

Why is this important?

Because it provides with the ability to generate ​passive recurring income​.

A lot of similar systems use some kind of pyramidal style to increase your revenue​, Clickfunnels rewards your own work but, at the same time, multiplies it. This is so, because it is a monthly recurring membership. Which can grow and grow, if you use the techniques and the tools in the training provided with this Super Funnel.​​

​Are there any ​Upsales?

​​​​It's a funnel! That means that there are Upsales and Downsales, which is normal. In fact, that's what a FUNNEL is all about. You drive people into a funnel and guide them all the way to the desired outcome. 

​This is exactly what the "Get Paid With George" Super Funnel does. It educates and presents information as to why it makes sense to get the funnel for yourself to generate an income online.

​Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the ​whole funnel​ and how you can profit from joining us.​​​

​Things​ you might ​find a bit difficult

Because you get a COPY of the funnel directly from George Wickens, you have to ​make sure​ that you configure it properly with your OWN AFFILIATE LINKS. You want the money coming YOUR WAY and not going to George or me or anybody else.

Obviously, if you're not technically oriented, you might find it difficult or confusing. However, there is no reason for despair because​​​​ there are options to overcome this problem:

- You can get the DFY option, that configures everything for you, where you only have to start sending traffic, or...

- You follow a Setup Video that you'll get access after you get your funnel. A video created by the person that brought me into the funnel.

What this means is that we've got your back, if you decide to join us.

The Bottom Line is...

​that there are thousands of methods to make money online. And there is people having successes using many different methods. However, if you want a proven and recent method that is working now, I invite you to join us in this trip.

Let's succeed together.

Hermann Bock

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