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​​​​Content Curation SAAS


​​Curate and Publish Content Automatically, Fast and Easy to blogs and social media


​This is NOT original content, you are CURATING already existing content on the web. No lifetime access offered

​What is Curation Lab?

​​​In this review of Curation Lab, we'll see how this SAAS (Software As A Service) will allow you to automatically and with very few steps you can curate content, not only for your WordPress site, but for your different social media pages as well.

I'm talking about automatically crawling the web for posts on specific subjects that you can then post to your desired destinations. In a nutshell, this is what Curation Lab allows you to do easily.

Using this type of software, you can massively increase your output and frequency of content, which is one of the things that search engines like Google and Bing look for to start ranking websites at higher positions in their results.

With the end result for you being more traffic and, as you know, more traffic, more opportunities to monetize.

​​​​These are the available OTOs for this software

​​​​​FE - Curation Lab Basic - $17-$27 ​depending on which license you get. The $​17 version ​​​is monthly and the $27 version gives you 2 years. The selection is obvious, IMHO.

  • Access to 500 Content Feeds on Any Topic
  • Curate Content like a Pro
  • Detailed Analytics & Reports
  • Customizable Niche Content
  • Calendar Scheduling
  • Make Blog Post
  • Make Social Post
  • Free Stock Photo Integration
  • Link Shorten Support
  • Create content for your clients

​OTO1 - Curation Lab PRO - $27 per month or $97 per year​. Again, the selection should be obvious. $27/month is a total of $324 a year. ​​​​It includes the following:

  • Auto-Post & Scheduling
  • Private Content Feeds
  • Built-in Graphic Designer
  • One-Click Optins
  • Content Spinner
  • 10-Member Team License
  • 1000 Public Feeds
  • Main Offer Renews Automatically

​OTO2 - Curation Lab Takeover - One time $67.​ Curation Takeover allows you to leverage other people's authority content. Add your links to anyone’s content… and start driving massive traffic, sales and leads to SKYROCKET your profits. Monetize other’s content to make profits for yourself in just 1-Click.

​OTO3 - Course Curator​​​ - ​One time $47. ​ ​​​This is a 5-part course that teaches people how to leverage other people's content to build out courses, all legally.

  • Module 1 - The Problem Finder
  • Module 2 - The Course Structure
  • Module 3 - Technical and Behind the Scenes
  • Module 4 - Pricing Models
  • Module 5 - Generating Free Traffic

Watch the DEMO below to see what is possible

​Things​ you might not like

​​​This is content CURATION so you are not having original content on your site. This means that this is mostly for money sites or blogs, with the main intention of driving traffic to a particular destination.

A personal blog should have original content. Basically I'm just trying to clarify what you're getting if you decide to buy this.

​Another thing you might not like is the fact that there isn't a "lifetime access" option at all. All options end up being rebilled at some point. At least this gives the creators the incentive to update and improve the software.

The Bottom Line is...

​​​​​...that we all need more content for our online properties. Very often what happens is that we don't have time to create so much content or enough resources to outsource the content creation. In these situations, having a software like Curation Lab is a godsend and highly appreciated.

If you have online properties (blogs, social media sites, etc.) that you need to grow in a consistent way, Curation Lab might be exactly what the doctor ordered. If that is your case, just click the link below to get your copy/

Hermann Bock

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