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​I'm pretty sure you've seen them, ​at the same time it could be ​that you've become blinded to them ​because they're ​​so ubiquitous that you don't notice anymore. At some point they start working mainly at the subconscious level. You'd recognize them immediately, but you're not consciously aware of their almost universal presence in your digital day to day life.

They are used by everybody who has a name in the internet world ​​as a big part of the branding process ​of their websites. And we all know how important branding is to be successful in the marketing world, be it online or offline.

And this is the main reason why it's ​important for you to do the same thing with your website.

​As you can see above, all of the popular sites use this kind of branding, which is key to enhancing recognition. People immediately know which site we're talking about by just looking at that little image.

In fact, if you pay attention to your browser, you'll notice how ​the favicon of a site gets shown all over the place. As per the image above, you can see they get shown on the left side of the tabs of your browser. But ​the favicon gets displayed also when you're doing a search on the address bar of the browser, or when your bookmarks are saved.

They're actually all over your internet world. Sometimes in places you don't even think about. Again, it's all about the branding and its subconscious power over you and me.

​Favicons in Google Chrome Bookmarks

That's why you too should make sure you have a favicon for your website. It should be integral part of your branding strategy.

The question is, how do ​you go about creating an image that can be used as a favicon?

Well, today you're in luck. Just download our easy to use free tool and you can be on your way in a couple of minutes.​ And it's pretty easy to use our free online tool.

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