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Cyril Gupta - Teknikforce


Training & Courses Platform


The Ultimate Trainings & Courses Platform with emphasis into Turning Every Course Into A Profitable Sales Funnel. In other words, it combines the entire business in a box.

Whatever you can think of that you need to market your courses profitably, is included.


Because it's a HUGE program, you will have some time learning how to set up everything. The Translation to some other languages like Spanish and German are not complete.

So what is this CourseFunnels in a nutshell?

First off, welcome to my CourseFunnels Review!

CourseFunnels is a BIG program that needs to be installed on your server and allows you to do EVERYTHING related to creating profitable courses online. This is not just a course platform, it's a complete ecosystem to sell courses. It includes from landing pages, optin pages, ways of paying for courses, analytics and so much more. Not joking!

The HUGE ADVANTAGE that CourseFunnels has..

is that it was built from the get go with the intention of creating profitable courses for its users. Some other platforms are not created remembering that one of the main purposes of creating courses is to make money. Yes, you do want to help your customers with high quality and valuable information, but your goal it so make money and that's why you need a FUNNEL.

CourseFunnels, as its name implies, was created for that purpose. But those are not the only features. Check out the list below, to see what also is part of the platform:

  • High quality student experience with all the advanced features they are used to in platforms like Udemy.️
  • Supports for all media types including videos, PDFs, images, docs, etc.
  • Integration with all major payment systems, carts, and sales platforms.
  • Integration with all popular autoresponders.
  • Build complete Course funnels with upsells and downsells.
  • Complete student communications platform in-built.
  • Can be hosted on any hosting just like WordPress.
  • Supports Zapier for connection with any CRM or platform.
  • Create amazing courses with Chapters, lessons, quizzes and assignments.
  • Create amazing landing pages to sell your courses.
  • Sales boosting add-ons like Conversion proof, Exit pop, timer, built in.
  • In-built powerful autoresponder for email marketing.
  • Detailed analytics, sales reporting, and progress tracking for members & students.
  • Supports all video hosts including self-hosted, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Student progress tracking and certificate.
  • Support for multiple users and teacher

Actually, it's kind of hard to describe everything in a small review, so it does make huge sense to take a look at a DEMO VIDEO that Cyril, the creator of the program, created highlighting most of the features of this platform.

CourseFunnels Demo Video

Are there any OTOs?

Of course, but you don't have to get all of them, just the ones that make sense to your purposes. Also keep in mind that prices change during the launch. That's why it makes sense to make a decision fast, because normally prices increase the more a product is sold.

Let's take a look:

FE - CourseFunnels Elite - $47 - $67 -

OTO1 - CourseFunnels PRO - $97 - The powerful CourseFunnels Pro upgrade adds unlimited courses and other amazing features to CourseFunnels.

OTO2 - CourseFunnels Agency - $97 - Sell CourseFunnels yourself and keep all the profits.

OTO3 - CourseFunnels Template Membership - $47 - Readymade templates for amazing course sales pages.

OTO4 - Adplify Pro - $47 - Powerful ad platform to help you get more leads and buyers for your courses.

OTO5 - Whitelabel Rights to 11 Courses - $47 - 11 amazing courses that you can sell right away from your CourseFunnels.

Things you might not like

As you could see in the videos above, this is not a small program. It does include EVERYTHING you need to be successful with your Course and Training Marketing.

As was told to Peter Parker of Spiderman fame, with lots of power comes lots of responsibility. That's the case here. You have a LOT OF POWER, but that means that you have a bit of a higher learning curve. Some people might not like that.

Another thing I noticed, is that the translations in other languages are not yet complete. I took a look at the other 2 languages that I speak, Spanish and German, and they definitely need some extra work, especially German. However, if you don't plan to use those languages, you're set to go. And if you do, keep in mind that not everything is translated yet.

The Bottom Line is...

In my opinion, this has the full potential to replace clickfunnels, udemy and teachable as a way to deliver courses. Because EVERYTHING you can think of is included, LITERALLY!

If you're looking for a way to deliver your training material, look no further.

  • Want to create paid courses? Check!
  • Want to create PLR type courses you can distribute here? Check!
  • Want to create courses with the ability to use exams and give certificates at the end? Check!
  • Want to create courses that you can share with your team by sharing a code? Check!
  • Want to communicate with your students in an easy way? Check!
  • Are you using obscure, but effective email systems like Mautic or MailIt? Check!
  • Want to support multiple users and teachers? Check!
  • Dashboard available in languages other than English? Check!
  • Hosted program so You remain in control and are NOT locked in? Check!
  • Beautiful course templates? Check!
  • Lots of training available? Check!
  • Much, much more? Check!

It does include everything you need under one roof. It definitely is a buy!

See you on the other side,

Hermann Bock

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