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​Content Gorilla in a nutshell

​Content ​Gorilla is basically a program that allows you to get YouTube videos and convert them into WordPress blog posts using state of the art voice to text technology. To be quite honest, I'm really impressed with how fast a post gets converted into a post.

What's it about?

​The advantage of Content Gorilla, is that you can create a ton of articles for your site using already existing content in Youtube. It just gets converted into a blog post that you can very fast edit and/or spin. 

​With the spintext option, you make sure that you're making your article unique and that's one thing that search engines like Google and Bing love to have. Unique content.

The idea is to use this software to, very fast, populate a wordpress site into a behemoth of content, therefore the name Content Gorilla.

​What about OTOs?

They are as follows...

I definitely recommend in this review to get the Pro version of Content Gorilla.

Why? Well the PRO version ads the option to of the scheduler. That means that as opposed as what I did on the video, that I created 1 post and sent it to my website ( you will be able to add a set of words and the amount of posts that will be AUTOMATICALLY posted each day.

That in and of itself is a godsend. Imagine how fast your site will be populated with unique content.  So, as mentioned in this Content Gorilla review, my recommendation for the OTO is to buy the PRO version.

​​​​​My only gripe

​As I mention in the video, when I added my site to the Content Gorilla software, something did not work properly.

This resulted in not being able to post the converted videos as articles to my blog. The timer just ran and ran forever. When this happened, I reached to the support team of Content Gorilla and I must say, they were brilliant and reacted really fast.

However, just keep in mind that due to whatever configuration you might have on your site, it could happen that you discover glitches where the plugin is not seen, or that the articles don't get posted.

If this happens, do not hesitate to contact their support, they're good.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind, is that this is voice to text technology. It won't be perfect and you might want to edit for better presentation. People tend to repeat themselves a lot when they're talking, as opposed as when they're writing.

So, if you want a perfectly presentable series of articles, you will have to edit them. This is computer generated content and it will be, as I say always, as dumb as a computer is.

The Bottom Line is...

...​get to the sales page, ​and get your copy of Content Gorilla and, as I say below, 10X the content of your blogs massively.

Another thing that just occured to me is that one could use Content Gorilla to automatically create "Closed Captions" for your ​own videos​ if you happen to be a youtuber. This, as you can see, is another advantage of using the software not exactly for the purpose that it was designed for.

In my opinion, it would work perfectly for it.​​​

Hermann Bock

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