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​Cyril Gupta - Tekniforce


​Self-Hosted Funnel Solution


​It's self-hosted, you control it. It's a complete solution that includes EVERYTHING you need to start doing business online.


​​Because it's self-hosted, it does require installation. If you're technically oriented, no problem. If you're not, they offer a DFY solution for a price.

​What is ​Cloudfunnels in a nutshell​?

Let me show you i​n this ​Cloudfunnels review, how ​Cyril Gupta from Tekniforce put together an ​All-in-One​ ​Self-Hosted Funnel ​platform that in actuality has the potential to replace the likes of ​ProfitBuilder or even Clickfunnels.

And that is what ​Clickfunnels is. An all encompassing ​Funnel creator ​for your marketing ​purposes that covers all your needs in what relates to ​creating sales, optin, order forms, confirmation pages and everything that's necessary to be able to market your products online.

The BIG DIFFERENCE that "Cloudfunnels" brings to the Funnel Creation world.., among other very important ones, the fact that it is SELF-HOSTED. 

​Unlike a solution like ClickFunnels, where THEY host your pages and if you stop paying your pages simply become ads for ClickFunnels, by having a self-hosted solution, your pages belong to you once they've been created and, even if you decide to stop paying for Cloudfunnels (provided you didn't buy the ONE TIME PAYMENT option), your pages will keep working no matter what.

A big advantage that's the result of this, is the fact that you can avoid what's called FUNNEL HACKING, because it's not that easy to know what your pages are named. When you host at a place like ClickFunnels, it's very easy to have Google search for pages that end with that domain, and it will show you easily how the funnel looks.

​Another very important aspect in the fact that it's NOT JUST FUNNELS what you get when you buy this all encompassing solution. You also get a everything you need to created ​MEMBERSHIP SITES​, a complete ​EMAILER AND AUTORESPONDER​ as well as all kinds of integrations with payment providers like PayPal, JVZoo​​​​​​, Stripe,, Paydotcom, WarriorPlus, Paykickstart, ThriveCart and Clickbank, giving you a lot of flexibility with paying options for your clients.

​There is also a Zapier integration, which basically allows you to use the system in ways that you don't even imagine at the moment. In my opinion, a very complete setup.

I also love the ability to EXPORT your pages with everything you need to use them on a different server as static HTML and CSS code. This makes the whole thing portable and gives you the ability to give your funnels away, for instance, as a bonus, if you so desire.

​Want to have a better idea of everything that's included? Just watch the demo video below and see for yourself:

​Are there any ​Ups​ells?

​Yes, there are some very well thought out ones.

So let me review them shortly for you:

​- ​FE - ​Cloudfunnels Elite $37-$67 ​- T​his is the basic version of this SELF-HOSTED funnel creator. It ​includes over a dozen templates for your pages, a WYSIWYG page builder, complete membership system, email automation and autoresponder, ability to install anywhere, A/B testing for your pages, ​popular autoresponder integration, SMTP integrations.

​- OTO1 ​- Cloudfunnels Pro $97 - ​Support for up to 10 sites, In built support for Payment Networks, Zapier integration, 5 new templates​, 2 years of free upgrades and multi-pages funnels.

​- OTO2 - ​Cloudfunnels Agency $127 ​- ​Allows you to sell Cloudfunnels and keep 100% of the profits.

​- ​OTO3 - Cloudfunnels Template Club $47 -​ The price ​includes one complete year of 4 new templates a month for multiple niches, a total of 48 ​additional templates.

​- OTO4 - ​Stockbin $37 ​- It's a huge collection of media assets for your pages and funnels.​​​

​Things​ you might ​​not like

​​In my opinion, the amount of templates that are offered on the basic package is relatively low. Even getting the PRO version will give you only about 20 or 25 templates. This is something that every new funnel system has a problem in the beginning. Programs like Clickfunnels or Profitbuilder that now have lots of templates are either very expensive, not self-hosted or you have to join their template club.

Cloudfunnels Template Club has the intention of having lots of templates as well. Keep in mind though, that Cloudfunnels is not just a WP plugin, but a complete separate script that offers much more than just funnels. If you take that into account, you'll agree that it's worth it in comparison.

Another aspect is that, given that it's a PHP script and that you have to host it yourself, you must have some technical skills. If not, you can take advantage of their DFY installation option.

The Bottom Line is...

​If doing ​INTERNET MARKETING is part of your marketing strategy, and it should be, you should definitely get this.

​It's much more than just a FUNNEL CREATOR. It encompasses everything needed to start your business from scratch and, given that it's not a WP Plugin, the pages created are much more faster and streamlined than what WordPress generates.

It definitely has my full recommendation.

Hermann Bock

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