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The BIGGEST one is that you will be IN CONTROL of your own destiny, because you will control everything about your email marketing.


It needs to be installed on your host, which requires some technical skills, or employing someone that does.

Why is something like LetsMail needed?

Let me just quote for a moment what Matthew Paulson said in his book "Email Marketing Demistified" about the power and ubiquitness of email marketing:

"While many have decried that email is dead, a handful of marketers have quietly been using little-known email marketing techniques to generate massive results. According to the Direct Marketers Association, a business will earn an average of $43 in new revenue for every $1 invested in email marketing."

As can be clearly seen, using email marketing in your online business is crucial for your success. And this is where LetsMail comes in to give you an advantage to be even more successful in your efforts.

What is LetsMail?

LetsMail is a self-hosted autoresponder script, that you install on your server, that allows you to do everything you need in relation to email marketing.

That is to say that LetsMail allows you to create lists of subscribers, using double opt-in if you so desire, and then it gives you the power to send sequences of automated emails to those subscribers at pre-determined times.

Not only that, LetsMail allows you to also send broadcasts or newsletter at a moment's notice or schedule for later, if that's what you want.

But there are dozens of solution that do that, what makes LetsMail different?

For one, most of the other solutions, like Getresponse, Aweber, Mailchimp and the sort, are cloud programs in the control of for-profit corporations. They're more interested in maintaining their bottom line than in YOUR SUCCESS.

Because of this, if there is a glimpse of anything you do, or might do, that somehow might affect them negatively, you will dearly pay for it; mostly by being shutdown or banned from their platform.

The problem is that you DO NOT CONTROL anything when you deal with these cloud solutions. How so, you might ask:

1. You do not control your list of emails
2. The more success you have with your online marketing and list building, the more punished you get by having to pay huge monthly sums of money to just be able to communicate with your list.
3. They can shut you out of your list and your business at their whim. Which could have catastrophal effects on your business (watch the interview above for a REAL EXAMPLE)

As you can see, having a SELF-HOSTED autoresponder gives you full control and a lot of advantages:

1. For instance, your list is actually your list, because it resides on YOUR SERVERS, not on the servers of some corporation somewhere.
2. No matter how big your list becomes, you don't get punished by having to pay more and more as you succeed.
3. In fact, succeeding in your email marketing will bring you much more revenue, as it should do, without massively increasing the expenses. 

A WIN-WIN situation!

LetsMail was developed by a successful internet marketer for his own personal use

There is a difference when a program gets developed by someone for his or her own use. The person identifies a problem and solves it with the program. The focus is on functions that acctually work and not necessarily on bells and whistles that just look good, but don't bring anything to the table.

This is exactly what Brett Rutecky, an accomplished programmer and highly successful internet marketer, did. As you can see on the interview, he had exactly the situation described above with the cloud providers, which prompted him to take matters in his own hands.

This is the program he is using successfully for his own business, this is exactly the same program you can get your hands on today.

How does LetsMail work?

Well, to give you GRAPHICAL idea of how the program works, as well as some important technical tips, please watch my review below and the demo of the software:

Are there any Upsells?

Yes, and here is a description of all of them. Keep in mind that these prices are true during the 3 day launch and might and probably will go up thereafter.

FE : LetsMail ($37-$47) - Self hosted full featured Autoresponder system. Gives people full control over their emailing without any restrictions while getting the best delivery. 

OTO 1: LetsMail Pro Upgrade ($67-$97) - Remove LetMail branding from email footer, send up to 200X faster, resend to unopens. In my opinion, this is a MUST if you want to use the program without restrictions and branding. Still, it's a steal if you think about how much money you're going to save compared with monthly fees from the cloud providers.

OTO 2: Agency Access ($147) - Sell the LetsMail software with everything provided. Makes sense if you want to make money by also selling the software.

OTO 3: Live Coaching + List building software ($67) - In this live coaching Brett is going to teach his 'secret tactic' that allows him to get paid hundreds of dollars to add dozens of ready to spend buyer leads to his email list.

$1157 worth of Bonuses from the developer!

For the people who buy during the 3-day launch and maybe shortly thereafter, there will be access inside the member's area to these bonuses provided by Brett himself.

These are high quality programs that are used daily in Brett's business and that have helped him become a success of affiliate marketing in the make money online world.

Is there anything you might not like?

One of the things you have to realize is that this is NOT a WordPress plugin or a cloud software. So, it does require some technical knowledge and skill to install the software and setup certains part of it, like for instance, SMTP connections.

If you don't have those skills, you might have to employ somebody else to install it for you. You might also have to contact your hosting provider to get certain information required for the installation.

Even though Brett provides lots of training for each part and section of the program, there is no way to provide training for things that are specific to you and your servers.

The good thing is that you only do that ONCE and then it just runs.

The Bottom Line is...

As an internet marketer you should ALWAYS BE BUILDING YOUR EMAIL LIST. But, not only that, you should ALWAYS MAKE SURE THAT YOU CONTROL YOUR EMAIL LIST.

If you don't do those two things, your business is not in your hands but in those of the people or corporations that control your email list.

LetsMail offers the perfect, easy to use and effective solution to that problem. LetsMail gives you control of your email list and therefore control of your own online business.

If you want to be the Master of your own domain, you owe it to yourself to get your copy of LetsMail TODAY!

It definitely has my full recommendation.

Hermann Bock

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