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​Let's Review this little Software called ​BOOSTOPTIN?

​​What is its main purpose? As I wrote in the title of this review, it's about creating a REALLY RESPONSIVE email list. And it's my opinion, that Steven Alvey and Eric Hammer have come up with the perfect solution, namely...

Make your leads SEND YOU and email requesting your lead magnet, instead of them having to fill up an optin form and then YOU SENDING THEM that first email.

What BoostOptin does, is just open the default email app on the device and presents a pre-created email, including subject, receiving email address and message body to the interested person. The only thing they have to do is press SEND.

That's it in a nutshell!

​The ​BRILLIANCY of BoostOptin​...

Why is this the perfect solution? First, the initial contact comes from them, so Google, Yahoo and whatever email they're using will see YOUR email address as something personal, and will not be sent to spam when you respond. BRILLIANT!

Second, because the app creates that email automatically, it will use the DEFAULT email configured in the machine (​desktop or mobile) that the lead is using. The likelihood that this is the email that they ACTUALLY CHECK is very close to 100%. No more fake or throw-away email addresses. BRILLIANT AGAIN!

On TOP OF THAT, once the button on the landing page is pressed, and after the pre-created email is presented, the software opens another page in the background. This allows you to kill two birds with one rock, because this second page (shouldn't be your thank you page), could be used to present a tripwire offer to the interested person.

​​​What about available OTOs?

​​​The available OTOs follow a very simple scheme and are as follows:

​OTO1 - Licence Eric's Authority - $67 -​ This offers 10 courses taught by Eric Hammer with complete bundle (landing pages, mockups, 31 days worth of email swipes, etc). The idea of this is to use these as LEAD MAGNETS for your leads.

​OTO2 - 100% Commisions on OTO1/OTO2 and 75% on OTO3 - $67 - ​Getting this one makes sense if you intend to promote and resell this product. This way you maximize the ​​​amount of money you will get.

​OTO3 - DFY Setup of your business - $197 -​ Exactly what it says. Eric and his team will set everything up for you. Only makes sense if you intend to promote and sell this product.​​​

​Things​ you might not like

​​This is one thing that might hold you down if you get this. Not every single Autoresponder allows you to use an email address where people can automatically signup for your list. Which means that you, or your technical guy, will have to use Zapier to set things up. That means you'd have to connect your email account with Zapier and tell it to create a new contact or lead in your Autoresponder. 

In my opinion, this is a minor inconvenience if you're actually getting REAL email addresses that will actually respond to your marketing emails.

The Bottom Line is...

​​​​In this review of BoostOptin, I've shown that having people SEND YOU THAT FIRST EMAIL is brilliant. It turns marketing on its head, because your leads will be EXPECTING your answer, so you're also gaining a psychological advantage over them, which is good for your marketing efforts and ROI.

Another thing I've noticed, is that this is the 3RD PRODUCT that Steven Alvey launches that does the same thing. This tells me that HE IS CONVINCED this works like a charm, and that gives me confidence in this, especially because his products are always of high quality.

So, even though I can't press you to buy or something, I'm pretty sure this is an amazing way of building a very responsive email list.

Hermann Bock

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