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​​​​​​​​​Luke Maguire


​​​​​FB Ads Search Software


​​​Find the most successful FB ads and drill down to get detailed information about them.


​​Looks a bit crowded and can seem overwhelming at the beginning.

​What is ​AdvertSuite in a nutshell?

​​​​Let me highlight in this AdvertSuite review that this software ​is an amazing tool to find inspiration for your Facebook Ads and to make sure that they perform well from the get go. If you think about it, you mostly have just a rough idea as to where you want to begin with your ads, if at all.

With AdvertSuite, you can just do a search based on a search term and discover the best performing ads. After that, you can drill down to see, for instance, what demographic was targeted, or what countries, etc. Using this information, you can then get inspired to get successful ads from the get go.

That's what AdvertSuite is in a nutshell.

​​​​​What are the available OTOs for this software?

There are a few One Time Offers options accompanying this software. I have listed them below as well as their LAUNCH PRICE. What does this mean?

It means that if you don't get AdvertSuite from this review during the launch phase, you will not get this prices and they might change completely.

​​​​​FE - ​AdvertSuite - ​$37 one time ​- This is the front end application of the software that allows you to discover the best successful Facebook ads.

​OTO1 - AdvertSuite Syndication - $67 one time - ​This is a very valuable OTO that expands the software to allow you to do the same thing, not only with Facebook ads, but with Instagram, Google and YouTube ads as well. Well worth getting it.

​OTO2 - AdvertSuite VIP Training - $47 one time - ​This will give you access to VIP training done by Luke Maguire, where he shows you how to take full advantage of AdvertSuite.

​OTO3 - AdvertSuite Reseller - $197 one time -​ Allows you to sell AdvertSuite as if it were your own software. You get 10 licenses you can use.​​​​​​​​​​​​

​Things​ you might not like

​As no software is 100% perfect, you might find different things that YOU don't like. However, my first impression when logging on to the software was one of it being a bit cluttered. There are a lot of buttons that help you drill down on your searches but the placement of those buttons might be a bit overwhelming.

However, once you get the hang of it, it shouldn't be a bother anymore.

The Bottom Line is...

​​​​​​that if you have ever thought of doing Facebook ads, or Instagram / Google or YouTube ads, or if you're an agency that offers this kind of services to others, you should make sure to get your hands on this software. It's practical and Luke Maguire has a reputation of delivering very good and usable software packages.

Hermann Bock

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