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AdvertSuite Review – Biggest Facebook Ads Search Software out there
AdvertSuite Review: AdvertSuite is an amazing tool to find inspiration for your Facebook Ads. If you think about it, you mostly have just a rough idea as to where you want to begin with your ads, if at all.With AdvertSuite, you can just do a search based on a search term and discover the best performing ads.Using this information, you can then get inspired to get successful ads from the get go.
Curation Lab Review – Automate Your Content Marketing
In this review of Curation Lab, we'll see how this SAAS (Software As A Service) will allow you to automatically and with very few steps you can curate content, not only for your WordPress site, but for your different social media pages as well.I'm talking about automatically crawling the web for posts on specific subjects that you can then post to your desired destinations. In a nutshell, this is what Curation Lab allows you to do easily.
BoostOptin Review – How To Build a Really Responsive Email List
Make your leads SEND YOU an email requesting your Lead Magnet, instead of them having to fill up an opt-in form and then YOU SENDING THEM that first email.That's it in a nutshell what BoostOptin does!
Kartel Review – Using Youtube Monetized Videos for Profit
​Nope! Nothing to do with Colombia or Mexico... Nope! But keep on reading this Kartel Review and watch my Kartel Review video to discover what it is all about.It has everything to do with Affiliate Marketing and a method to make it work that has the potential to let you generate Kartel like money. If done properly and ​consistently​ you can really get to generate that kind of income without all the negative implications of dealing with a real Kartel.​​​Kartel is basically a two pronged method/training to help you utilize Youtube video ads to generate traffic, which would be sent to High Ticket Money pages. That simple!
Instant Affiliate Machine Review
Instant Affiliate Machine is a very specific and to the point training that allows you, once applied, to become an Affiliate for very profitable products in Clickbank.​Not only that, Spencer has found a way to easily and surely solve the biggest problem that everybody has in this business. TRAFFIC! With this system, you are provided with a source of traffic that increases every single day, no matter what you do.
Kaptiwa Review or How To Keep Your Traffic On YOUR Site
Kaptiwa is a SAAS that allows you to ​upload your videos to an alternative service than YouTube. Something similar to Wistia, but much faster and cheaper.The main advantage that I can tell you about with Kaptiwa, is the ability to capture your traffic and not let it leak to other websites like what happens with Youtube and its related videos. This will not happen in Kaptiwa, which makes honor to its name by '​kapti​wating' your audience for you and your goals.
Mobifirst Review – Bring your sites to the 21st century and make them lightning fast!
Mobifirst is a SAAS that allows you to develop Mobile Optimized websites. The main point of their philosophy is that in the 21st century, we need to start the design and development of a website thinking FIRST of the mobile side of it and then, afterwards, worrying about how the desktop side of the website is going to look.By doing this, we end up having lightning fast loading websites and we follow Google's advice to FIRST concentrate on mobile, given that over 60% of all internet user today, load mobile first.