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Kaptiwa Review or How To Keep Your Traffic On YOUR Site
Kaptiwa is a SAAS that allows you to ​upload your videos to an alternative service than YouTube. Something similar to Wistia, but much faster and cheaper.The main advantage that I can tell you about with Kaptiwa, is the ability to capture your traffic and not let it leak to other websites like what happens with Youtube and its related videos. This will not happen in Kaptiwa, which makes honor to its name by '​kapti​wating' your audience for you and your goals.
Mobifirst Review – Bring your sites to the 21st century and make them lightning fast!
Mobifirst is a SAAS that allows you to develop Mobile Optimized websites. The main point of their philosophy is that in the 21st century, we need to start the design and development of a website thinking FIRST of the mobile side of it and then, afterwards, worrying about how the desktop side of the website is going to look.By doing this, we end up having lightning fast loading websites and we follow Google's advice to FIRST concentrate on mobile, given that over 60% of all internet user today, load mobile first.
Maximize the Content of your Site – Content Gorilla Review
In this review, I'll show you how Content Gorilla can 10x the amount of content you have in your WP site exponentially with very little physical or mental effort on your part.
My CTABots Honest Review – Fun Call to Action Animations
Brett Rutecky's CTA Bots is a tool that, in my opinion, ​tackles 2 ​situations at once. It's like killing to birds with one stone. First, it does override the problem caused by modern browsers and plugins that kill the autoplay of your sales videos by playing a short and direct call to action message, as soon as the page loads.The second thing that...
Stealthd Review – How To Get Your Marketing Message Into Gmail’s Accounts
​Stealthd is a never done before Google Ads training that gives you the knowledge to sneak into Gmail's inbox without needing a list or autoresponders of any kind
Honest Review of Engagermate
Engagermate is an amazing timesaver, which in turn, means that it will not only SAVE you money, but will MAKE you money.Why do I assert that? Well, once you start using or, better said, letting Engagermate run, you'll have so much time that you will be able to use for other profit generating activities. Think about it, instead of spending hours on end following people on Instagram and liking their posts and commenting, you can have this SAAS tool do the job for you. And believe me, it does a pretty good job at it.
ITaggz Review – One Tool to Master Your Instagram Hashtags
In this ITaggz review, I'll concentrate on the fact that this tool focuses on one thing, namely, letting you know which are the ​best hashtags​ that you should use for your Instagram marketing strategy ​​​or that of your customers.And that's it! That is, in a nutshell what ITaggz does.